everything all at once


  • teep kicks (front & back)
  • thai kicks (left & right)

we mostly drilled these, just 3 minute rounds of non stop kicks. practiced fine-tuning those teep kicks a little more, ended the night with 5 minutes of 8 count bodybuilders.

Today was the first day of school, and I…

  • woke up at 10:30AM
  • discovered everything in my fridge was frozen
  • watched an episode of workaholics
  • ate cinnamon toast crunch
  • went to my first class: behavioral neuroscience with one of my favorite professors, yueping zhang. we kind of just went over the syllabus before she talked about some of the different disciplines of neuroscience, and we got out 10 minutes early!
  • went on a walk with alena
  • drove to the old country to get claire
  • went to blue house to see alex
  • walked to market of choice for lunch (tortellini pomodoro and a salad with romaine lettuce, olives, garbanzo beans, cheese, and caesar dressing)
  • went home
  • napped
  • walked to the old country
  • read
  • ate delicious dinner (pasta with zucchini, onion, chickpeas, garbanzo beans, and mushrooms), had a refreshing mango lemonade panache (with blue moon), and read my book (20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill) while relaxing with claire, ian, nick, molly, and devon
  • had a smoke on the back porch with claire, ian, and nick
  • walked home
  • had a shower

and now i am relaxing and waiting for simon to get off of work before i head to bed! hope everyone else had a good first day of school!


  • left kick, right punch combo (alternating with a partner, one 3 min round each)
  • 30 pushups in 60 seconds (on the toes)
  • right kick, left punch combo (alternating with a partner, one 3 min round each)
  • 30 pushups in 60 seconds (level up to feet on the bench)
  • left kick, right punch, right kick, left punch combo (alternating with a partner, one 3 min round each)
  • 30 pushups in 60 seconds (feet on bench)
  • right kick, left punch, left kick, right punch combo (alternating with a partner, one 3 min round each)
  • torture twists (5 sets, 5 seconds per side)

Speptembler Spronklers

It’s the beginning of September, which means that I have moved out of Blue House and into a single in Holmes Hall, LC’s brand spankin’ new residence hall. 

This is generally what the bulk of the room looks like. I had an extra mattress for some reason, which you can see off to the right. I put my bed lofted under the window and stacked the three drawers they give you to make a nightstand/dresser. I extended the back part of my desk so that I will have plenty of room for my books and to spread out while I’m trying to work. Since this room is so big (9 ft. ceilings!) it didn’t even take up that much extra space!

My past two years at LC I’ve lived in Odell, which has walk-in closets. This is my first encounter with anything different, and at first I was scared and intimidated…But all of my clothes (miraculously) fit! That was a huge relief.

All of the rooms in Holmes come with individual heat control. This was also true of Odell, but instead of having a knob with numbers 1-6 that I turn to either heat up or cool down the room, I get an actual thermostat! Real temperatures! Settings! The whole shebang! I still don’t completely know how this gadget works, but I’ve been tinkering with it.

Here’s a view of my desk (extended) with the closet and the thermostat in the back. This is also the same desk that I had in Odell, so I’m pretty used to how I like things to be set up and the sneaky hidden things (like the hidden shelf you can pull out for extra table space and the extension in the back). 

These are the drawers I was talking about earlier. They fit together so that you can stack them (as I have), or each drawer can stand alone. They’re super roomy and also fit all of my clothes! With six large drawers, I’ve been able to have extra space for a towels/bedsheets drawer and a scarf/hat drawer! I stacked these drawers and put them beside my bed to use as a nightstand, and because of the area I’ve been really happy being able to cram so much stuff at arm’s reach for when I’m lying in bed. 

Opposite of the drawers and in between the desk and the bed I put a full length mirror (so that now there are two large mirrors in the room, since the closet has one on the inside of the right door) and the bookshelf that I’m borrowing from Stephanie while she’s in Scotland! Again, since I used the bookshelf over the summer I already knew how I wanted that to be set up.

And here’s a view of the bed! New tapestry, an original Ali Crowley, and all of the accouterments I’ve had all of my life (crucifix, dream catcher, trout bed sheets…). My bed fits perfectly level with the windowsill, which is like 7 inches! It’s a perfect little shelf for my glasses or a beverage. The windows also open exclusively outward, so there’s no chance for a window to swing and hit me, or anything like that. The screens are also a permanent fixture, so I won’t have to worry about any unwelcome visitors. Being on the fourth floor also really limits people peeking into my room when I’m hanging out. 

Here’s a more complete view of the bed/window.

This is what the room looks like without that extra mattress, facing the door. I’m planning on putting a mini fridge next to the drawers on the left, and I’m going to have to seriously deck this place out with some artwork!

Swag! I also got swag. A water bottle, a marker for writing on the built in whiteboards below my room number (think Apartments, with a bulletin board and dry-erase board), and an “Edna Holmes Hall Green Notebook”, which offers facts about the new building (“Your window has a switch that will shut off your heat if you open it.”), quotes from the architects and other people who helped make the building possible (“Nature is a tangled web. Everything is interconnected and the more we understand that, the better our buildings and landscapes will be.”), a weird “off the beaten path” map of campus with 11 locations (freedom rock, pacman lawn, dark star, stewart nurse ghost, rosengarden, japanese baths, haunted corbett house, gnome, nun’s basketball court, communal fireplace, and no sparking), fun facts (according to an old English system of time units, a moment is one and a half minutes), a mad lib (PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME DO THIS), and lined pages for me to write things down.

So far, I’m really really happy with my single in Holmes Hall, and I’m really looking forward to being here for the rest of the semester.


  • Thai 1-2’s (jab, cross, hook, cross), alternating w/ partner, two 3min rounds each
  • Cross hook cross (no breaks in between, for endurance), alternating w/ partner, one 3 min round each
  • Shoe shines (upper cuts to ribs while in muay thai clinch), alternating w/ partner, one 3min round each
  • muay thai knees (two right high knees to the outside, two right high knees to the inside, two left high knees to the inside, two left high knees to the outside, for cardio), on your own, one round for 3 min

we also worked on a LOT of defense that was less of a workout and more of learning. back to basics for a night.

Chuck Palahniuk’s Butt

This week is going pretty roughly so far. I’m stressed about moving out on Saturday and the house filling up fast and a lot of other things, but thankfully Rabbo is here to help me out. 

Alex and I went to a bunch of yard sales this Saturday and we paid $10 ($5 each) for this candle. Here it is with a 12oz Red Bull on top for size comparison.

Naked ladies. As you can see, we purchased this candle completely unused. The original sales price is still on the bottom. Markup? $55. Somebody purchased this candle for $55 and never once lit it.

I also met Chuck Palahniuk on Saturday! Here’s a picture of his butt. 

That worked out perfectly. But here’s a normal picture of him (with me). 

He was wearing nice sandals. He signed my copies of Fight Club and Invisible Monsters! So that was really pleasant. So, I suppose, when I reflect on it it’s easier to see that I have been having a lot of fun, just accompanied by excruciating stretches of boredom. But isn’t that all that life really is?

Places to visit in Europe (while I’m living in London in the spring)


  • Paris (duh)
  • Bruges (also duh)
  • Siena
  • Vienna
  • Rome
  • Barcelona
  • Glasgow
  • Amsterdam
  • Heidelberg 
  • Florence
  • Strasbourg

Anywhere else? C’mon y’all, I know a lot of you are either in Europe right now or were just there (or are Simon, in which case why haven’t we already discussed this?) and I NEED to know!

Real Life Sucks(?)

My vacation in Sacramento ended almost a week ago (!!!) and I’m still having a difficult time adjusting to real life, especially since now I’m at an awkward week and a half period in between summer and the fall semester. So I’ve been mostly lounging, making up excuses not to do anything productive, and fretting over how much moving I’ll have to do on September 1st. 

But let’s talk about how fun Sacramento was! It was very fun. Hot as hell (106 some days!) but still fun. Lots of good food all the time, and I have discovered that living as a housewife would not suit me well at all. Good thing I figured that out before it actually becomes applicable to my life. 

I got a new tattoo!

Done by Django at Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor in Sacramento, I love this little guy! He took about two hours (with breaks, including consultation). I was a walk-in, and I definitely recommend this place if you’re ever in the area and want a real “tattoo parlor” experience. Lots of cue ball dudes with tattooed necks talking about their bikes and listening to the Stones. 

Spending time with Simon was rare during this trip, but it was definitely time well spent (as it always is). Look at this beautiful team dinner: ginger beer, gnocchi in a red marinara sauce with yellow squash and zucchini, mushrooms, and parmesan (Simon did that…I cooked the un-pictured brownies that were “bananas” and “fucking delicious”, as quoted from Simon’s roommate Parker). Together Simon and I make one functioning human being. It’s a wonder we’ve survived without each other for this long.

Leaving Sacto was sad, but it really is good to be back in Portland. I missed work (well…I missed the prospect of a salary, really) and my friends (who are mostly gone?) and … That’s pretty much it. But we have to look at the positives! I finally got one of those super fancy LC nametags:

Sorry for double chin/boob. Work has been the same as it always has. Pay your tuition, LC kids! 

Yoshi has been really sad since Julia’s been in the south, and she also has fleas and needs a bath. But I missed her, and cuddling with her has been so excellent. 

I also had the chance to check out Holmes Hall, the new dorm built by LC over the past year. I’ll be moving into a single room on September 1st, and hadn’t yet been inside or gotten to see what the finished building looks like.

It’s damn fine. Look at this:

Second floor/main lounge. That’s a TV. To the left (not pictured) is an exit to a backyard type area (by the apartments) with a fire pit. I’ll be living on the fourth floor, and could not be more stoked. However, all of the excitement of moving into this killer new place has made being at home really anxiety-inducing right now. I may need to start packing early just to give myself something to do.

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